RUGGED RADIOS Co-Driver Kit with HX370 Handheld Radio

$ 331.99

Co-Driver System:

Looking for a better way to communicate with your co-driver when they're out of the car stacking rocks or pulling winch cable?

Rugged Radios has a great set up that will allow you and your co-driver to communicate clearly, and safely.

With this co-driver kit, you will plug your helmet kit directly into a push-to-talk belt station. From the PTT belt-station, a harness cable will run directly to a durable HX370 Handheld Radio. When the co-driver needs to speak with the driver, they simply hold down the PTT button, and start talking. This kit also comes with a DirtBagz radio bag to securely mount the radio in the vehicle prior to use.

Kit does not include Helmet, or Helmet Kit!

*Regular button on radio to transmit will not work when jumper is attached to radio. Must have a PTT inline with harness.

Already have a handheld radio? All you need is the PTT belt station and correct jumper for handheld radio.

Kit Includes:


*Kit is designed to a contain a minimal length of cable. If a longer length is needed, an extension cable can be found here.

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