$ 279.99

The Original is a low-profile suspension seat designed with four vertical tabs for mounting. At the request of our family-oriented customers and the Sand Car manufacturers (who build toys for them), we were asked to bring back our original suspension seat for recreational sand buggies and sand rails. We agreed, but first this versatile seat had to undergo significant design changes, as the sand cars of today are so much faster than in 1970 when MasterCraft designed the original suspension seat for off-road racing. In order to provide the safest seat possible, we strengthened the four vertical mounting tabs by integrating them into the seat frame. We then modified the frame to allow more room in the hip area for an extra measure of comfort and safety on those extreme runs. The Original will fit any 14" x 18" four-vertical-tab mounting system. Isn't it time you put your family in the safest suspension seat available?

* Four vertical tab mounting
* Low profile suspension seat
* 5-point seatbelt holes
* Loops to secure belts in place
* Hiback or Loback (with or without headrest)
* Hip containment: 7"
* Upper torso containment: 5 1/2"
* Size: Hi - 31" tall x 22" wide x26" deep
* Size: Lo - 23" tall x 22" wide x 26" deep
* Sitting level height from floor:3 1/2"
* Mounting area: 14" wide and 18" front to back

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