LUXWURX S.D. Wiring Harness - Single End

$ 19.99

Standard Duty Wiring harness. The basic get it done harness, everything you need to get your lights up and running quickly.  These are plug and play for our lighting products under 200W. 

  • Segmented for easy installation and running wires to the dash, Heat shrink tubing on connections
  • 30A replaceable fuse, 40A replaceable relay,
  • Large terminals to hook to the battery
  • Heavy Duty female connector to hook to your lights. Includes a mating male Heavy Duty connectors (without this you would have to find your own or cut off the connector.)
  • Lighted Rocker Switch with insulated spade connectors for quick swap out to a switch of your preferences.
  • This is a self powering harness. The system is always hot so you can turn your lights on and off independent of the vehicle being on. To change this you remove the power wire to the dash switch and splice it into any circuit you want under the dash, ignition on, lights on etc.


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