$ 539.99

The 3G-4™ combines European styling with MasterCraft's race proven suspension system to increase lateral support - so important in today's racing conditions. The 3G-4™ features our 4 vertical tab mounts instead the standard flat strap that comes with the 3G™ model.

Now comes standard with our exclusive DirtSport® Stitch Pattern.
The Dirt Sport Cover is designed to add styling while reinforcing areas of the seat that experience a little more wear and tear. The Dirt Sport insets feature our durable reinforced vinyl with a carbon-fiber look that meets both form and function.

Design input and testing from racers Curt and Kyle Leduc along with superior engineering and construction make our 3G the most advanced race seat available!

* Deep-sided race seat
* 5-point seatbelt slots
* Removable Euro. style cushion std.
* Hip containment: 10 1/2"
* Upper torso containment: 8"
* Size: 36" tall x 22" wide x 28" deep
* Mounting area: 15" front to back x 13 1/2" wide on center
* Sitting level height from floor: 4"
* Weight 22 lbs.

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